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 Simulated flight over the terrain of the Regional Airport Kassel-Calden by the Fieseler Stork D-EKLU 

Comment: At time only executable by MS-Explorer (CODEC XVID)!



Interest in flying overhead Kassel and the Airport with the Stork D-EKLU?

Youtube-Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXJseQY0e-p3AZFAEIwnmA

More information regarding the R&D project: "Fieseler Stork Simulator": www.storch-simulator.de


22/08/2014 15:21
Original "Fieseler Stork" Pilot Watch, limited . Orders and inquiries: Contact Form (will...
11/07/2014 20:35
On Sunday, July 13, 2014, the event "Horsepower, Picnic and Baroque"...
01/07/2014 13:14
The Fieseler Storch was selected as a performer for a great movie. This movie is currently being...
23/05/2014 22:56
On 08 June 2014, 13:00 clock, the club members, guests and friends of the Fieseler Stork and the...
30/01/2014 21:31
The Fieseler Storch D-EKLU has been invited by the management of the ILA 2014 (International...
22/11/2013 17:43
At time, the stork is into hibernation and we will tightened now our construction...
01/11/2013 19:17
Although our website is published in July, 2013, it recorded with respect to the requests until...
24/10/2013 21:14
By opening the wings and tanks, it has been shown that our guess was right and the pipes in the...
04/10/2013 22:43
You may be surprised that there is something quiet around the " stork " and it was no longer...
30/09/2013 23:40
With notarization, the club got a property on the new Regional Airport Kassel-Calden for...
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