The Fieseler Storch was restored with great commitment of club members. Where internal activities were no longer possible, specialist companies had to be involved. This was and is associated with considerable costs; support through "public funds" have not yet been granted.

In addition, the appropriate technical competence of individual club members had to be demonstrated to the technical authorities to make such a "vintage aircraft" according to the current requirements for aircraft airworthy again than to keep airworthy. In total, this resulted in a restoration time over six years, about six thousand hours worked and a high six-figure sum as a direct financial burden.

In order to keep the plane airworthy and to this aircraft to be able to pass on to future generations in this premium condition, we are depend on supporters .

Even the operation of the aircraft with "special oils", which correspond to the former provisions, the complex and ongoing maintenance of the rotating parts and the "handling" in the operation are extremely demanding. Repairs that this "old" aircraft needs with his "old" parts of the year 1943, may take considerable effort.

For this purpose a small example:

After a wheel change for neccessary maintenance the brake, the nut was tightened with a wrong torque. Although almost all technical data and regulations were concerned laboriously. In the specific case, the correct tightening torque was not available. As result, the axle was mechanically overloaded and had to be arepaired and tested in a complex process again, because a wheel axle as a spare part is not available yet. Costs and effort for this can be imagined.

To get support here, sponsorship for the Fieseler Storch D-EKLU shall be neccessary:

  • Sponsorship / 1 /> EUR 1,000 / year
  • Sponsorship / 2 /> EUR 3,000 / year
  • Sponsorship / 3 /> EUR 5,000 / year
  • Sponsorship / 4 /> EUR 10,000 / year
    Sponsorship / 5 /> greater than EUR 10,000 and negotiable / year

All sponsorships could be terminated with two months' notice to the end of the year and are extend otherwise annually.
The sponsorship donor receives:

  • a receipt for the total amount
  • an individual sponsorship certificate
  • a high quality pilot watch "Fieseler Storch", Type 1-5 depending on sponsorship (is exclusively available through the club and in a limited edition)

You are interested? If yes, then please register here.


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