Where is the planned presentation hall?

10/02/2017 10:13

We have always asked ourselves the same question. 
The reason is certainly our limited budget, but also many "commitments" of 
possible funding and supporters, which in the specific case prove to be useless, 
but which always influence our plans. 
Also,the club coild nopt be managed like a company. 
Although the Businessplan report a possible turn-over per year 
of about 100TEUR - a minimum ten marketable and high-quality hangar places
for vintage airplanes (air-conditioned), as well as the planned restoration services - 
- a 100% solid financing shall be necessary (possibly with security buffer).
Bank loans are not a thing of discussion as there are a debt and additional 
guarantees from "persons" are required.
See also a recent report at the HNA (Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung):


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