WMW - looking for participating people and objects

25/03/2016 11:17

At time and for our planned event "Wheels Meet Wings" we are going to plan and generate the program and its concrete presentations.

Slowly, our associated site www.wheels-meet-wings.de will be filled with the detailed presentation of individual and participating vintage cars and planes - unfortunately all are not possible. Anyone who plans to visit us by plane or his classic car and who is interesting in presentation interesting objects, please do not hesitade to ask für detailed information and to inform us asap.
Additional, we are looking for helper as well for model-exhibitors/owners, who like to present interesting model airplanes in static displays.
Furthermore, we are still looking for exhibitors with operational aircraft engines - for example, DB605, RR Merlin, rotary engines - for their demonstration.
For all helpers and participants's:  Great gifts, food and drink, and free entrance to our partys.
Registration under: www.wheels-meet-wings.de


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